Browsing Categories

You can browse the category hierarchy by clicking on one of the top-level categories from the home page, or clicking on "Browse" in the left-hand menu.

When you click on a category you will see a list of all the sub-categories of that category, and a list of all items that are in that category. If there are more items than can be shown on one page then you can page through them.

You can click on a subcategory to navigate further down the category tree, or click on the breadcrumb trail to move back up.

Click on a thumbnail to view the item details.

A number of categories exist in GeoScenic:

Best of BGS images - a selection of very high quality images in a range of sub-categories such as earthquakes and volcanoes, rocks and minerals, fossils and landscapes. The subcategories are  representative rather than an attempt to be comprehensive.
Special collections - this set of categories highlights special collections of note. This could be for a region or for certain historical collections from the BGS archives.
Geoscience subjects - a systematic classification of a selection of geological photographs by subject. There is a weighting towards older images, however, over time this will be supplemented with more recent images.